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Bird-OFF Gel  3  Pack Bird-OFF Gel Case - 10/10oz tubes
Bird-OFF Gel 3 PackBird-OFF Gel Case - 10/10oz tubes
Bird-OFF Bird Repellent 3 Pack 3/10oz Tubes (3 Tubes of Bird-OFF Gel Provide about 36 Linear Feet Straight Line Bead 3/8" wide) "3 Pak saves you 12.5% Over The Single Tube Price"Bird-OFF Gel Case Price 10/10oz Tubes (200.00 per case = 20.00 per tube equals a 16.6% discount over the single tube price) Buy Bird-OFF Gel by the case for those larger jobs; good for about 120' Linear Feet long 3/8" bead.



Bird-OFF Clear Gel  Pigeon/Bird Repellent
Bird-OFF Clear Gel Pigeon/Bird Repellent
Bird-Off Gel repels pigeons/birds from nesting, roosting and congregating from unwanted areas like homes, schools, apartments, condo, offices buildings, warehouses and any structure where pigeons and birds are an unwanted nuisance. Bird-OFF Clear Gel is an Organic Non-Avian Toxicant - Not a Poison